The Fund is founded and created on the basis of voluntary property payments of Founders in 2009 for the purpose of propagation of a scientific heritage and scientific and technical achievements of prof. E.Rytvin and assistance to development of a science, formation, culture.

The Foundation has a variety of activities. One of them is - Medicine in the broadest sense. In particular, this includes the organization for the citizens of the former Soviet Union highly skilled and effective medical care and the Western European health insurance. For this purpose developed specialized programs.

The Fund, besides, actively works in the field of the organization of the international conferences and deliveries of medical and other scientific and technical equipment.

More information can be found in the corresponding sections of our site and on contact with the main office in Berlin by phones +491784982853, +49(0)307960976.


For Health - to Germany

It is no secret that German medicine is at such a high level of development that go to Germany for treatment seeking people of different countries, including - from the former Soviet Union.
In the clinics of Germany has highly qualified personnel and modern equipment is used, so that doctors can often help in cases where their colleagues from other countries are powerless.
Are often faced with the opinion that the treatment in Germany - it is expensive and difficult. Typically, these reviews are given by those who have tried myself to find a suitable clinic and treatment in Germany to arrange for themselves or their loved ones. Everything changes when it is taken over by professionals. Those who use the services of the firm Oswelt GmbH was not only able to solve health problems, but got pleasure from it.
Our organization offers a full range of services for patients from Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and other countries. At the request of the patient, we take care of all organizational issues and problems ranging from visa support to the patient and his entourage, including the preliminary examination, treatment and operation when necessary, and ending with rehabilitation.
Our organization works closely with leading university clinics (such, for example, Charite, Berlin) and world-class research centers throughout Germany. Medical services is practically unlimited and includes plastic and cosmetic surgery, as well as dentistry. Medical support in Russian provides physician coordinator with years of experience. We guarantee professionalism, quality, individual approach and the full confidentiality of all financial, medical and personal information.

We offer the following services:

Medical insurance

Medical insurance for today is one of the most widespread kinds of insurance all over the world. It allows to feel comfortably and confidently, despite of age and a social status. Especially it concerns insurance in the largest private insurance companies. English insurance company BUPA - one of them. With it we also suggest to conclude the Contract of Medical Insurance. In this case 100 % of cost of any references to doctors for out-patient, stationary and stomatologic treatment in territory of all Western Europe, including England and Switzerland, and also Russia and China, is covered by the this insurance company.
More information can be found in the corresponding sections of our site and on contact with the main office in Berlin by phones +491784982853, +49(0)307960976.

Monthly health insurance contributions for men and women